In addition to providing routine technical service in association with high-quality laboratories such as Weatherford Labs, Geochemical Solutions has conducted more than 40 non-exclusive multi-client and/or exclusive proprietary projects for assessment of both offshore and onshore areas in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Trinidad, the Greater Caribbean and elsewhere in Latin America.

These projects, which have been widely subscribed by the energy industry, were designed to evaluate hydrocarbon charge and source characteristics in order to identify petroleum systems and associated risk at the Regional, Basin, Field and Prospect scale. These projects utilized a variety of different approaches including Surface Geochemistry, Remote Sensing, Basin Modeling, Crude Oil, Source Rock and Integrated Studies.

All GSI studies are presented in both analytical and interpretive formats to insure that all findings are accessible to explorationists and research personnel. All geochemical data are provided in hard copy and electronic format. A synthesis and interpretation of all information is presented in comprehensive final reports. Studies are priced and packaged according need, whether it be a supplementary update or basin specific license. Contact us to learn more about licensing a study and how it can aid in research and risk assessment.

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