MARIMBA (Margins of the Atlantic Region, Integrated Multi-disciplinary Basin Analysis) is a natural outgrowth of our demonstrated, ongoing commitment to providing high-value data and interpretations of the major sedimentary basins of the South Atlantic. Study components are interpreted from geologic, gravity, magnetic and other data, combined with an analysis of oil systems from crude oil and potential source rock samples, piston cores, heat flow measurements and remote sensing.

GSI and DIGs (Dickson International Geosciences) have developed MARIMBA as a unique combination exploration and acreage evaluation tool. With an initial focus on the Great Campos (Santos-Campos-Espírito Santo) Basins of Brazil, MARIMBA clients will benefit from seeing basin architecture and understanding petroleum systems. Our prior work has defined basement structural trends that controlled reservoir distribution and hydrocarbon migration; our 2005 AAPG presentation predicted the basin-wide pre-salt sourcing system that charged the Tupi discovery!

MARIMBA clients can leverage their own skills and data to quickly (and better):


The work is built on multiple underlying components including potential field, basement depth and sediment thickness mapping (Grizzly Geosciences and DIGs) plus extensive geochemical data from Brazil and West Africa compiled from GSI, TDI Brooks, Core Labs and Geomark Research:

Combined, these diverse data types (Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, GIS = G4) illustrate the petroleum systems and promote prospect screening and basin modeling. Our studies:


ArcMap™ GIS study. PDF format report containing:

  • Data sources
  • Methodology
  • Results

Price of full study and components available upon request.