Associate Companies

Dickson International Geoscience (DIGS) is located in Houston, Texas that provides Non-exclusive, GIS-based, multi-contractor, multi-disciplinary integrated studies for Southeast Asia; South, Central and North Atlantic margins; and other areas. DIGS also offers assistance with Seismic Interpretation, Potential Fields, GIS Project Integration, and Prospect Evaluation with access to global data sets and interpretation expertise. For additional information, please visit

TDI-Brooks International specializes in conducting offshore surface geochemical exploration (SGE) and heat flow programs for the world’s leading petroleum producers and has an extensive collection of SGE and heat flow program data from around the world available for sale. TDI-Brooks also has extensive experience in conducting offshore geotechnical coring/engineering programs, environmental assessments, meteocean, site surveys, and seabed surveys. Their field services are supplemented by high quality environmental and geotechnical laboratories. For additional information, please visit

Stratum Reservoir, formerly Weatherford Laboratories, operates customer-focused laboratories to enable the discovery and sustainable development of energy resources through applied geosciences. They support energy resource investment and divestiture strategies worldwide through the analysis and interpretation of rocks and fluids. They specialize in reservoir characterization, laboratory services and instrumentation designed to deliver scientific insights in upstream, midstream and mining operations. For additional information, please visit